My Morning Jacket Heart R. Kelly

Entertainment Weekly gets drunk with the Louisville, Ky. quintet…

CARL: That new R. Kelly video for “Trapped In The Closet” is amazing.
BO: I want to see the whole thing.
JIM: Did you see the DVD with all five videos?
BO: No.
JIM: I’ve never laughed harder. Right after part 3, I think, he talks about how he finds out his wife’s been cheating on him. The way he finds out, at the very end, he calls up his house and a dude answers the phone. So he’s driving home and starts looking for the dude. So anyway, he gets to the bed, and he pulls back the bedspread, and there’s a rubber there. And the last thing he says is “Oh my God, a rubber … rubber … rubber …” And in [the next chapter] the story’s continued.
EW: That sounds a little … ludicrous.
JIM: But it’s good theater.

Well, Mr. James, you’re in luck — seven new chapters are on the way. Shit will be going down for Sylvester when Trapped in the Closet Chapters 1-12 drops on DVD 11/1.

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