Father John Misty Shares Generic Pop Songs, Returns To Twitter

Father John Misty co-wrote songs on Beyoncé and Lady Gaga’s latest albums, and in interviews lately, he’s been talking at great length about how calculated and grotesque the major-label pop world is. Now, he’s taken to Soundcloud to share “Generic Pop Song #3,” “Generic Pop Song #9,” and “Generic Pop Song #16,” three pop songs worlds away from the sad-bastard piano balladry of Pure Comedy. It’s unclear if “Generic Pop Song #3″ is the same song as “Rejected Generic Pop Song, March ’15 #3,” the unreleased track that will be the b-side to the limited “Real Love Baby” 7-inch. In either case, you can listen below via Pitchfork.

Father John Misty has also returned to Twitter, at least for today, and is spending his time shooting off rapid-fire, half-serious responses to fan questions.