Black Lips – “Can’t Hold On” (Prod. Sean Lennon)

Black Lips – “Can’t Hold On” (Prod. Sean Lennon)

On their last album, 2014’s Underneath The Rainbow, Atlanta rockers the Black Lips injected their trademark garage-punk with some Southern boogie, which must have been at least partially in response to working with producer Patrick Carney. Now once again, the BLips have absorbed their collaborator’s stylistic tendencies on their latest song “Can’t Hold On,” the lead single from the band’s upcoming Sean Lennon-produced album Satan’s Grafitti Or God’s Art?, which also features contributions by Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Family and Lennon’s own mother Yoko Ono.

While as fervent of a riff-roarer as much of the band’s previous work, “Can’t Hold On” newly adds woozy saxophone and hallucinatory vocal harmonies to the band’s palette, resembling the psychedelic tendencies of Lennon’s last few projects. Yet the Black Lips’ sonic imprint is unmistakeable, and they sound as chaotically cathartic as ever. Listen to “Can’t Hold On” below.

Here’s the album’s expansive tracklist:

01 “Overture: Sunday Mourning”
02 “Occidental Front”
03 “Can’t Hold On”
04 “The Last Cul De Sac”
05 “Interlude: Got Me All Alone”
06 “Crystal Night”
07 “Squatting In Heaven”
08 “Interlude: Bongo’s Baby”
09 “Rebel Intuition”
10 “Wayne”
11 “Interlude: E’lektric Spider Webz”
12 “We Know”
13 “In My Mind There’s A Dream”
14 “Lucid Nightmare”
15 “Come Ride With Me”
16 “It Won’t Be Long”
17 “Loser’s Lament”
18 “Finale: Sunday Mourning”

Satan’s Grafitti Or God’s Art? is out 5/6 via Vice Records. Pre-order the album here.


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