Soccer Mommy – “Last Girl” & “Be Seeing You”

Soccer Mommy – “Last Girl” & “Be Seeing You”

Last year, NYC-via-Nashville musician Sophie Allison put out For Young Hearts — it wasn’t her first release as Soccer Mommy, but it was the most fully-formed to date, and it led us to name her one of the best new artists of 2016. Allison is back with a couple of new songs on a 7″, her first recorded with a full band, and they’re the same kind of warm and muted pop gems that made the project so charming in the first place.

“Last Girl” and “Be Seeing You” are both mired in jealously and self-doubt (“songs that meant a lot to me this summer when i thought i was gonna lose someone i had feelings for and i was sad and insecure,” Allison writes on Bandcamp), and they’re wistful and insular. The former is a classic case of putting yourself down in comparison to someone else: “I want to be like your last girl/ She’s the sun in your cold world/ And I am just a dying flower/ I don’t hold the summer in my eyes.” And “Be Seeing You” acutely captures the sinking feeling that comes with thinking that the person that you love doesn’t want you anymore, and wondering if there was something you could have done to change that: “I knew that love was what I wanted now/ But I got cold feet/ I wish that I could take that back.”

Both songs are great, and you should listen to them below.

“Last Girl” b/w “Be Seeing You” is out now. You can order it on vinyl via Glad Fact.

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