Hoop – “Marlin Spike”

Hoop – “Marlin Spike”

Hoop — not to be confused with the Indiana group Hoops — are a four-piece from Seattle who make gauzy, light music that’s easy to sink into. They’re releasing their debut album, Super Genuine, later this year, and though lead single “Marlin Spike” feels tranquil, Caitlin Roberts is singing about a relationship that’s anything but easy. “The song reflects the element of frustration when both parties in a courtship have difficulty communicating the true depth of their feelings,” she explains.

In the track’s first elegiac build-up, Roberts sings, “You had to tell me the way around your weakness instead of finding the reason for your hardship,” sounding deflated at the idea that her partner would rather make excuses than fess up to their own inequities. The relationship didn’t pan out as anticipated — “I was waiting for something to change and for us to sync up emotionally but we never did,” she says — but Hoop’s debut album is about Roberts finding that same satisfaction from within. Listen to “Marlin Spike” below.

01 “Marlin Spike”
02 “Good Dregs”
03 “Baseboards” (Feat. Briana Marela)
04 “Send Purpose Down”
05 “Skiptracer” (Feat. Briana Marela)
06 “Drawn To You”
07 “Not By Care”
08 “Void Touch”
09 “Folded Impulse” (Feat. Allyson Foster)
10 “To Know Your Tone” (Feat. Allyson Foster)
11 “Bask In Easy Tone”

Tour Dates (w/ Briana Marela):
04/14 Portland, OR @ Mother Foucault’s
04/15 Davis, CA @ Snake House
04/16 Oakland, CA @ Night Light
04/18 Santa Barbara, CA @ Funzone
04/19 Joshua Tree, CA @ Taylor Junction
04/20 Los Angeles, CA @ Elvi’s Dress Shop
04/21 Oakland, CA @ Perch
04/22 Arcata, CA @ Outer Space

Super Genuine is out 5/19 via Decency Den Records. Pre-order it here.

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