Abram Shook – “The Hours”

Austin musician Abram Shook is following up his 2015 album Landscape Dream with a new collection called Love At Low Speed. While Shook has always stayed away from love songs in the past — “I thought it was a cliched, overwrought topic,” he says in a press release — the writing of his new album coincided with the end of an 11-year-relationship, and that’s a subject that can’t be avoided. On lead single “The Hours,” Shook reins in his more experimental tendencies for a warm, easy charm that climaxes with a breathtakingly gorgeous orchestral passage. “What is a love song/ Who do you write it for?” he asks in the chorus. “Where does it call you from/ How do you know?” Listen below.

Love At Low Speed is out 6/16 on Western Vinyl.

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