Stream Aye Nako Silver Haze

Brooklyn’s Aye Nako are sharing a stream of their new LP, Silver Haze, which follows last year’s The Blackest Eye EP. The album centers around the group’s perfected garage-rock sound with twitchy rhythms and vibrant tempos. Its loudness almost shields the fact that Aye Nako are singing about some pretty fucked-up stuff — stuff that needs to be addressed in music. While translucent, dazed guitar lines and dissonant riffs conjure discord, Aye Nako contemplate and battle issues of gender and racial inequality, as well as reluctance of society to welcome marginalized communities.

Silver Haze is like a giant coping mechanism. It was a way for the members of Aye Nako to deal with and express traumatic moments of the past and accept painful memories. In an interview for Gold Flake Paint, Mars Ganito and Jade Payne give a track-by-track guide. The necessary but uncomfortable origins of songs are revealed; “Muck” deals with “internalized anti-blackness,” and “Nothing Nice” talks about recovering from child abuse. The LP focuses on healing and growth through comprehending pain. Combined with its heavy lyrical content, though, Silver Haze offers glistening pop-punk melodies that comfort through emulating forward motion. Listen.

Silver Haze is officially out 4/7 via Don Giovanni. Buy it here.

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