Stream Futuro A Torre Da Derrota EP

Stream Futuro A Torre Da Derrota EP

Over the past weekend the Damaged City festival brought DIY hardcore bands from around the world to Washington, DC, and a lot of those same bands are currently touring through these United States. I didn’t go to Damaged City, but last night, I did see Futuro — a truly great punk band from Sao Paolo, Brazil — play a blistering house show in my sleepy Southern college town. Futuro play a thrashing, intense form of punk, and their set was over in about 15 minutes. They’re indebted to early hardcore, but there’s some heavy psychedelia in there, too, if you’re listening for it. They’ve got a new EP called A Torre Da Derrota out there, and it absolutely rips. Stream it below.

You can pay what you want to download A Torre Da Derrota at Bandcamp.

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