Kevin Morby – “Aboard My Train” Video

Folk-rocker Kevin Morby is returning in June with new album City Music, an urban companion piece to last year’s Singing Saw. We’ve heard lead single “Come To Me Now,” and now he’s shared “Aboard My Train,” a propulsive number that slowly picks up steam on its way to an exultant and totally earned climax. The video, which Morby directed himself, shows him writing the names of people who affected his life on a mirror.

“I wanted to make a video at home, something sort of lo-fi,” Morby explains. “I kind of missed the challenge of having to come up with something creative with little to no money … Doing what I do, people are constantly coming in and out of your life. The moment you think you’ll never see someone again, they reappear and that’s what this song is about starting with my first best friend, Pablo, who lived on my street in Tulsa, and was my first memory of having a best friend.” Watch below.

City Music is out 6/16 on Dead Oceans.

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