Terror Pigeon – “Chamber Of Secrets For 1″

No other band does ecstatic sadness like Terror Pigeon. Over two full-length albums — 2010’s I Love You, I Love You… and 2014’s Live It Up Before You Die It Up! — Neil Fridd’s auteurist pop project is endlessly ambitious and maximalist to the extreme. “Chamber Of Secrets For 1″ — the first single from Terror Pigeon’s forthcoming third album We Will Never Run Out of Love! — is no exception. The track sees Fridd attempting to put some distance between himself and the song’s subject, an unrequited crush who has a boyfriend.

The first half sets the scene: infatuation’s butterfly flutters take the form of hand-holds and long hangouts, but it quickly becomes clear that this love is not meant to be. “I wish that you would split in two so I could date you too,” he sings. “But until that wish comes true, I think I’ll keep them, I think I have to hold my feelings…” The song reels and builds even higher as Fridd buries himself into his other passion: music. “I was born to rage on stage/ That’s the one thing I’m sure about/ But know that when the distance gets me, I’ll recall when you were with me,” he sings. It’s heartbreaking and invigorating all at once, and you should listen to it below.

We Will Never Run Out of Love is out in July.