The War On Drugs Tease New Music

Philly sunset rockers the War On Drugs have been pretty quiet since the release of their 2014 stunner Lost In The Dream. But this Saturday, Record Store Day, they’re going to release the new single “Thinking Of A Place,” offering the world a first taste of what kind of music they’ve been making since they signed with Atlantic. And on their Facebook, they’ve shared a quick teaser of some new music, which may or may not be from “Thinking Of A Place.” The music they’ve shared, it turns out, is a minute and 15 seconds of ambient synth washes. I’m going to go way out on a limb and guess that this is not the band’s new sound — that their new song, instead, just takes its time to get going. Check it out below.

What if that was their new sound, though? What if they just took that major-label money and went full chillout room? Nobody would call them beer commercial rock ever again!