Stream The Debut Single From Jangle-Pop Supergroup The No Ones

The No Ones is a new supergroup formed by chance after I Was A King’s Frode Strømstad and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen asked Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck to record overdubs on songs the pair was working on for a then-unspecified project. Those songs ended up sticking with McCaughey and Buck beyond the limited role they were initially expected to contribute, and soon enough the four members had formed a full-fledged band together. The quartet plans to record their first album this summer, but for now they’ll be releasing a four-track debut EP The Sun Station in June. Lead single “Lisebet’s Gone (Sweet Street)” is a brief-but-bountiful jangle-pop song inspired by a visit to the Steilneset witch memorial. McCaughey wrote the lyrics about the life of one of the young girls cruelly executed by her community’s paranoid, superstitious men. Yet in spite of the subject matter, “Lisebet’s Gone (Sweet Street)” is a bright, supremely pleasing little tune. Listen below.

01 “Turf Cutters”
02 “Ice Bears On The Run”
03 “Lisebet’s Gone (Sweet Street)”
04 “Sun Station Theme”

The Sun Station EP is out on 7″ vinyl 6/23 via Coastal Town Recordings.