Jay Som – “Turn The Other Cheek”

We’re finally approaching the end of Our First 100 Days, the anti-Trump charity singles series that has over the last few months delivered us new one-offs from the likes of Angel Olsen, PWR BTTM, Kevin Morby, and many more. But before it goes and we’re left with some 1,300 more days of the Trump Presidency™ to endure without these daily musical contributions, we still have a couple more songs to run through.

Today’s offering is from the young DIY-pop auteur Jay Som (real name Melina Duterte), a recently christened Artist To Watch with one of my favorite albums of the year under her belt. She shares “Turn The Other Cheek,” a twinkling carnival-pop concoction that smears Duterte’s vocals as a series of smudges across a chirping, cluttered instrumental. There’s so much going on! Patiently pattering basslines, zippy guitar riffs mimicking the vocal melodies, dinging bells, psychedelic loops, boisterous horns, and still so much more. It’s testament to Jay Som’s infallible hand that she wields all of it into a singularly impressive result. Listen below.

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