Watch Gorillaz Play Colbert With Pusha T, Digital Mavis Staples

Today’s the day that Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz make their long-awaited return with the guest-heavy new album Humanz. And last night, they were the musical guests on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. They made a huge spectacle out of the performance, doing the album track “Let Me Out” with a huge band and a full choir. Pusha T, a guest on the song, was up there with them, and Mavis Staples, who also sings on the song, appeared as a flickering digital image. Also, Albarn played keytar, and the band didn’t hide behind massive screens, as they sometimes have in the past. Watch the performance below.

Humanz is out now on Warner Bros. Last night’s version of the live band included Albarn, Seye Adelekan, Jesse Hackett, Mike Smith, Karl Vanden Bossche, Gabriel Wallace, and Jeff Wooton.