Bahamas Bans Ja Rule & Billy McFarland From Doing Another Festival

The legendarily disastrous Fyre Fest was supposed to take place on the Bahamas island of Great Exuma last weekend. Those plans imploded in the grandest way possible, but the entrepreneur Billy McFarland, who co-founded the festival alongside Ja Rule, has already talked about doing another festival in the United States next year. Maybe that’ll happen. But McFarland and Ja Rule will never throw another festival in the Bahamas again.

TMZ reports that the Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism is planning to vet any future festivals a lot more strictly. It’s going to require festival organizers to check in with the Board multiple times while planning their events. And the Board has also banned McFarland and Ja from doing any business in the island nation ever again.

Can we get the American government to do the same thing?