Rancid – “Ghost Of A Chance” Video

Eternal punk rock greats Rancid — literally my favorite band of all time — just announced the impending release of a new album called Trouble Maker. The band recorded the follow-up to 2014’s Honor Is All We Know with their regular producer, Bad Religion guitarist and Epitaph Records founder Brett Gurewitz. The new album is 19 songs long, and its first single, “Ghost Of A Chance,” rockets by in about a minute and a half. It’s that classic Rancid sound — high-octane Chuck Berry leads, broken-tooth Tim Armstrong gurgles, ahh-ahh backing vocals, a rhythm section playing so fast that it’s practically bluegrass — and while it’s not their best song, necessarily, simply hearing that sound is enough to make many of us happy. In the video, we see the band playing in an actual garage (albeit a nice one) while subtitles helpfully spell out Armstrong’s lyrics for us. Below, check out the “Ghost Of A Chance” video and the album’s tracklist.

01 “Track Fast”
02 “Ghost Of A Chance”
03 “Telegraph Avenue”
04 “An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker”
05 “Where I’m Going”
06 “Buddy”
07 “Farewell Lola Blue”
08 “All American Neighborhood”
09 “Bovver Rock And Roll”
10 “Make It Out Alive”
11 “Molly Make Up Your Mind”
12 “I Got Them Blues Again”
13 “Beauty Of The Pool Hall”
14 “Say Goodbye To Our Heroes”
15 “I Kept A Promise”
16 “Cold Cold Blood”
17 “This Is Not The End “
18 “We Arrived On Time”
19 “Go On Rise Up”

Trouble Maker is out 6/9 on Epitaph.

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