LCD Soundsystem – “Call The Police”

LCD Soundsystem – “Call The Police”

James Murphy promised us two new LCD Soundsystem songs at midnight, and lo and behold, one of them is already out in the world well before dark.

Here’s how Ryan Leas described “Call The Police” after LCD played it at the first night of their Brooklyn Steel residency:

That song was called “Call The Police” and before it started Murphy remarked that they were using Dean Wareham’s old Galaxie 500 guitar. It starts with a floating, big vocal part in which Murphy seems to sing “We all/We all know this is nothing.” That part, the beginning — it’s kind of odd, to be honest. It almost sounds like another indie band for a second. It is, no joke, totally a mid-’80s U2 melody if you change the singer and some of the synth tones. From there, the song settles into this runaway, soaring pace and never lets up. It’s one of those LCD songs that seems to keep rising and rising, which is different than how “Tonight” had a bit of “Get Innocuous!” build. This was more like the breakneck mix of endorphins and melancholy of “All My Friends,” and it really went for all things ’80s, between the synths and Murphy swapping between a bunch of great new wave-indebted melodies. Murphy mentioned they played the song way faster than they intended, but … hopefully this is the version of the song we hear someday (soon?).?

Another new LCD song, “American Dream,” will be out by midnight. The band plays SNL this Saturday.

UPDATE: Here’s “American Dream.”

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