Lydia Loveless – “Desire” & “Sorry” (Justin Bieber Cover)

Lydia Loveless – “Desire” & “Sorry” (Justin Bieber Cover)

The roots-music badass Lydia Loveless released a really good album called Real last year, and she’s now followed it up with a new single that features a couple of songs — one new jam and one surprising cover. She’s been playing both of them live lately, but this is our first chance to hear the studio versions. The new song is “Desire,” a grand and smoky ballad that cuts right to the heart of what we like about Loveless. And the surprising cover is her take on Justin Bieber’s monster hit “Sorry,” a sincere and intense version that works as a nice contrast to the slick original. Listen to both songs below, and read what Loveless says about her “Sorry” cover.

About that “Sorry” cover, Loveless tells NPR:

I was walking through the park in some city on tour a while ago and listening to [Bieber’s song] and thinking about covering it at the show that night. And when I sat down to learn it, I just felt really moved singing it. I went into the studio with [guitarist] Todd [May], and he played this really pretty reverb part over it, and it was just simple and somber to me. People keep asking me what I hear in it. I guess there’s nothing like a breakup to make you lean on a tight pop song.

“Desire” b/w “Sorry” is out now on Bloodshot.

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