Johnny Jewel – “Insomnia” Video

Johnny Jewel – “Insomnia” Video

Another day, another new music video from Johnny Jewel’s imminent solo album Windswept. Yesterday the Chromatics leader bequeathed us the visual for “Television Snow,” and today it’s “Insomnia.” Like the former, the latter is an eerie 90-second instrumental, and it again gets a video by Rene & Radka. This one was shot in LA rather than Prague, though its visions of a harrowing night tossing and turning really could have been captured anywhere nightmares persist. Windswept includes music from the new Twin Peaks reboot, and given the brief, haunting nature of these last two tracks, it seems likely both will be featured in the show. Watch the “Insomnia” video below.

Windswept is out 5/10 on Italians Do It Better.

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