Guerilla Toss – “The String Game”

Guerilla Toss – “The String Game”

Last year, Guerilla Toss released their DFA Records debut, Eraser Stargazer, which saw the Brooklyn-via-Boston group streamlining their sound into something more accessible and poppier while still staying true to their avant-garde roots. Today, they’ve announced their followup full-length, and it’ll be here sooner than you’d expect: GT Ultra comes out physically this Friday (5/19), and it’ll be available digitally next month (6/23).

It’s another big leap forward for the band, and the first track they’re sharing from it is “The String Game,” an oozing and characteristically busy song that sounds like it’s being pulled in six different directions at once and snaps like a rubber band. Kassie Carlson’s voice floats above the rest of the track: “I’m driving the car but I’m not the owner/ I’m moving the car ever so slowly,” she sing-speaks at the beginning. “It hums the engine, like science fiction/ Crossing the fields in staccato.” Those same words are then pitch-shifted and twisted, and then the whole song swells and morphs into a commanding ticking time bomb about feeling powerless over your own narrative. “The end is near,” she portents at one point. Listen to it below.

01 “Betty Dreams Of Green Men”
02 “Can I Get The Real Stuff”
03 “Crystal Run”
04 “TV Do Tell”
05 “The String Game”
06 “Skull Pop”
07 “Dog In The Mirror”
08 “Dose Rate”

GT ULTRA is out physically this Friday (5/19) and digitally on 6/23 via DFA Records. Pre-order it here. They’re playing a record release show at Sunnyvale in Brooklyn on 6/24 – tickets available here.

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