Dan Auerbach – “Waiting On A Song” Video

Dan Auerbach – “Waiting On A Song” Video

Dan Auerbach, the singing and guitar-playing half of the Black Keys, has a new solo album coming out soon. We’ve already heard two tracks from the upcoming Waiting On A Song, “King Of A One Horse Town” and the Mark Knopfler-featuring “Shine On Me,” and now he’s sharing a new video for the album’s title track.

Directed by Bryan Schlam (and beginning with a minute or so of actual dialogue before the music kicks in), it’s a Linklater-lite coming of age story following a few stoner buddies as they spend one last summer together before going off to school. “When I first heard ‘Waiting On A Song,’ I instantly thought about summer hijinks, basically anything that could happen during the last summer between high school and college,” Schlam explains. “I’ve always wanted to make a movie about that weight, the feeling of moving from childhood to pseudo adulthood.”

Auerbach himself has a cameo, along with John Prine, Pat McLaughlin, and David Ferguson, who co-wrote the song. Several other Nashville songwriters, including Michael Heeney and Luke Dick, also make appearances. Watch below.

Waiting On A Song is out 6/2 on Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound.

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