Far’s Jonah Matranga & Jawbox’s J. Robbins Have A New Band Together; Hear Their First Song

Two of the great frontmen of ’90s post-hardcore have come together to start something new. Jonah Matranga used to lead bands like Far, onelinedrawing, and New End Original, while J. Robbins was the guy out front in bands like Jawbox, Burning Airlines, and Office Of Future Plans. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, they’ve joined forces with former Jawbox member Zach Barocas to put together the new trio Camorra. Robbins, who is now one of the great producers in underground rock, recorded their debut EP Mourning, Resistance, Celebration, and “Roosevelt Champion III,” the first song the band has shared is an intricate, muscular, emotive piece of work that really does sound like some combination of Far and Jawbox. Check it out below, via Brooklyn Vegan.

Mourning, Resistance, Celebration is coming out sometime this year on Arctic Rodeo.