Night Things – “Reasons”

Zach Shields used to play in Dead Man’s Bones, the experimental pop project that also counted Ryan Gosling as a member. In 2008, that band collaborated with the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir, which counted Maize LaRue among its members. Shields and LaRue later struck up a creative partnership and eventually formed the band Night Things, allegedly inspired by some eerie shared recurring dreams. Now, a few years after 2013 debut single “Sleeping Beauty,” the LA-based duo is preparing to release their debut album. It’s preceded by “Reasons,” an breathy and dynamic ’80s pop throwback with a thoughtful arrangement and tremendous emotional power. Fans of Wye Oak, Beach House, and Land Of Talk will probably love it, and really anybody with a taste for sophisticated power ballads with a melancholy sweep. Listen below.

Purchase “Reason” here.

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