Deerhoof Announce 5 New LPs As Joyful Noise’s Artist In Residence

Deerhoof and various Deerhoof side projects are releasing five new LPs this year as Joyful Noise Recordings’ 2017 artist in residence. First up are two split-LPs featuring new music from Deerhoof-adjacent bands Nervous Cop, Oneone, Murmurer, and Les Bon Homme, which will be followed later this year by a new Deerhoof album and then two more split-LPS. All five will be collected in a big box set at the end of the year. Digital versions of the first four side projects are available for download today via the band’s website here, with one track from each available for streaming. The downloads are all pay-what-you-want, with 100% of the proceeds going straight to Brand New Congress, a political action committee formed by former staffers and supporters of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign to get hundreds of progressive Congressional representatives elected. Here’s a rundown of all the side projects:

- Nervous Cop – s/t: The follow-up to Greg Saunier + Zach Hill’s drum duo record from 2003. Features all members of Deerhoof, playing together with Zach Hill + Andy Morin of Death Grips. 1 track, 18 minutes. / Stream: “Nervous Cop (2 minute preview)”

- Oneone – Alapla: First domestic release for this Japan-only EP from last year. Led by Satomi Matsuzaki and Saya (Tenniscoats), with Greg Saunier and
Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats). 7 tracks, 21 minutes. / Stream: “The Theme Of Oneone

- Murmurer – s/t: Debut of new band featuring John Dieterich + Sam Owens (of Celestial Shore +Sam Evian) + Ches Smith (John Zorn/Marc Ribot/Secret Chiefs etc). With guest vocals by Satomi Matsuzaki + Cassandra Jenkins. Recorded by Eli Crews at Rivington 66. 8 tracks, 23 minutes. / Stream: “This Too Will Be Yours

- Les Bon Hommes – Merrie Melodies: Recorded debut of Brooklyn band featuring Greg Saunier (on guitar + vocals) + William Kuehn (of Rainer Maria) + Deron Pulley (Deerhoof live sound engineer). 8 tracks, 19 minutes. / Stream: “La La La

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