21 Savage – “All The Smoke” Video

Last year, Atlanta rap cutthroat nihilist 21 Savage made a name when he teamed up with Metro Boomin for the great Savage Mode EP. And now it looks for all the world like he’s gearing up to release a full-length debut. Last week, a Drake/Young Thug collab called “Issa” made its way onto the internet. And now Savage has made a video for the brand-new song “All The Smoke,” a muted, Southside-produced song that’s very much in the Savage Mode spirit. In director Matthew Swinsky’s video, Savage is a Jason Vorhees-style slasher who terrorizes a group of young folks on a camping trip, which is a fun but on-the-nose sort of 21 Savage video.

There’s also an “uncut” version of the video, one that doesn’t censor all the severed-head, exposed-brain-matter gore. Here it is:

I honestly don’t know why there are two version of the video. Is there anyone who likes 21 Savage’s music but doesn’t want to see a gruesome music video? That seems like one of those overlapping-circles Venn diagram type of deals.