Snow Roller – “Bury The Lede” Video

Last year, Portland trio Snow Roller released their charming debut album, What’s The Score?, and they’re already back with another full-length: XXL will be out next month, and today the band is sharing a video for lead single “Bury The Lede,” which follows the band as they chug Slurpees from 7-Eleven. (The album’s being released on 7/11 in honor of the iconic store.) “Bury The Lede” is sorta similar to the frozen drink in that it’s a quick sugar hit that’ll probably end up making you feel a little bad afterwards. On this one, vocalist Colin Kritz is reflecting on the absence of a partner who moved away but not too far away. And when the song hits its propulsive climax as Kritz sings “It’s just a bus ride or a quick plane ride away just to see you/ But you moved on and left me with me cat you never cared for,” you get the sense that the relationship probably wasn’t destined to work out anyway. Watch and listen below.

01 “Movie Night”
02 “Bury The Lede”
03 “Drop This”
04 “Lens Flair”
05 “Electric Stove”
06 “Sly”
07 “Man-Child”
08 “Seize The Carpet”
09 “I, Saab”
10 “The Scott Warner Discount”

XXL is out 7/11 via Near Mint Records & Making New Enemies.

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