Stream Agent blå Agent blue

Agent blå — that’s Swedish for Agent blue — are a mostly teenage Gothenburg quintet from the same exciting scene that gave us Makthaverskan, Westkust, School ’94, and the Sun Days. (What a time to be alive in Gothenburg!) Makthaverskan’s Gustav Data had a hand in recording their debut album Agent blue, and it brims with a similar enthusiasm, each catchy indie-pop song revved up and shrouded in dark intensity. The album sounds like the work of young music nerds who are still in the breathless discovery phase and are channeling all these classic post-punk and shoegaze records into inspired new music of their own. You’ll want to pay special attention to “Rote Learning,” with its impassioned refrain “Tell me what the fuck we’re doing!” But the whole album is well worth your time, so stream it below ahead of its Friday release.

Agent blue is out 6/9 on Luxury/Kanine. Pre-order it here (US) or here (rest of world).

CREDIT: Fredrik Andersson
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