M.I.A. – “Goals”

M.I.A. is one of pop music’s great politically aware artists, so you might expect a new M.I.A. song, coming out on the UK’s Election Day, to show some righteous rage. But that’s not what’s happening with “Goals,” the song that M.I.A. dropped this morning. Instead, “Goals” is a warm, atmospheric track about friendship. The winding beat comes from Branko, a producer who worked on M.I.A.’s 2016 album AIM. And on its YouTube page, M.I.A. writes that the song is “DEDICATED TO MY HARDCORE FANS THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNFALTERING DEDICATION AND SUPPORT. YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A SLIVER OF HOPE IN HUMANITY.” Check it out below.

The M.I.A.-curated Meltdown Festival is coming to London starting this weekend.

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