Oneohtrix Point Never – “The Pure And The Damned” (Feat. Iggy Pop)

Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin did the score for the crime thriller Good Time — he won the Cannes Soundtrack Award after the film screened there last month — and today it’s been announced that the soundtrack will be officially released on 8/11. The first track shared from it is “The Pure And The Damned,” which features Iggy Pop. Listen to it and check out the album details below.

Here’s the film’s co-director Josh Safdie on the score:

About 8 years ago, we were turned onto the music of Oneohtrix Point Never. I had always imagined Dan’s work, especially his earlier work, as soundtracks to movies that never existed. From our collaboration on Good Time, and through the twisted dialogue that surrounded it, we have gained a deep friendship and of course a fluorescent extra-terrestrial score. We set forth on that concept with Dan well before production and to hear it boom throughout Cannes… well it seemed like some sort of high-resolution fantasy.

And here’s Lopatin’s piece:

I had a good feeling when I walked into their midtown office, which was more like a shrine to everything they loved — amongst which was a massive Akira print side by side with one of King of New York. They told me they were setting out to make a genre film. To me the Safdies are doing something really unique and yet drenched in tradition. I think of Jarmusch, Tarantino, Carax — directors whose love of the history of cinema is too strong to keep out of the filmmaking itself, but remain totally idiosyncratic anyway. We share an affection and reverence for bruised and battered stuff, and I think we both feel this urge to enshrine the history as it is now, not as it was then. On our own terms.

01 “Good Time”
02 “Bail Bonds”
03 “6th Floor”
04 “Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride”
05 “Ray Wakes Up”
06 “Entry To White Castle”
07 “Flashback”
08 “Adventurers”
09 “Romance Apocalypse”
10 “The Acid Hits”
11 “Leaving The Park”
12 “Connie”
13 “The Pure And The Damned” (Feat. Iggy Pop)

Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out 8/11 via Warp. Pre-order it here.