Miley Cyrus – “Inspired”

Miley Cyrus is playing ball again. After a few years of twerk-based controversies and acid-fried Flaming Lips experiments, the former Hannah Montana seems to be chasing some imagined pop mainstream. Last month, she returned with her single “Malibu,” a solidly down-the-middle pop-rock number. And this morning, she’s released a new single called “Inspired,” and it’s pretty much a straight-up country ballad. That’s the world that Cyrus comes from, and she’s got a great voice for it. But the song is a total wet noodle, and there’s something about this whole career makeover that seems absolutely forced and cynical, especially after that Billboard interview. But if you want to hear the song, it’s below.

Cyrus debuted the song on the Today show a few days ago; here’s that video:

“Inspired” is out now at iTunes. On Instagram, she says that she’s donating her share of the proceeds to her own Happy Hippie Foundation.

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