Lushloss – “Gutter”

Lushloss is the project of Seattle-based, Richmond-born electronic experimentalist Olive Jun, and next month she’ll put out her debut, a double album called Asking/Bearing. The latter half contains the sort of spacey production that Jun started out creating, while the Asking side of the album is built around a Skype conversation she had with her mother in Korea. “Gutter,” the first selection that we’re hearing from the album, comes from that first half. It’s warm, fuzzy, and skeletal, blending in splices of their conversation in between ambient noise and a pillowy beat that rises and dissipates as Jun’s processed voice floats in and out of frame: “Have you called your mother? Is your breathing sweet and slower?” she asks. It’s a compelling and intimate portrait of a relationship between parent and child, and it gives just enough information to provide an emotional hook in the same way that Jun’s instrumentation usually only hints at what’s layered underneath the surface. Listen to it below.

Asking Tracklist:
01 “St Marco”
02 “Sisters”
03 “Sheet”
04 “Gutter”
05 “Clark, WA”
06 “Amethyst”
07 “Shame”

Bearing Tracklist:
01 “Hold uu”
02 “Yana (Interlude)”
03 “Old Oak”
04 “Clearing”
05 “Blame”
06 “Wanting”
07 “Gymnasium”

Asking/Bearing is out on 6/17 (tape) and 7/28 (digitally) via Hush Hush Records. Pre-order it here. She’s playing a tape release party in Seattle at Timbre Room on 6/17.

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