Stream Lorde Melodrama

Almost four years after releasing debut album Pure Heroine, Lorde has risen with her followup album Melodrama, and it’s no sophomore slump. Graduating from teendom, the 20-year-old explores recovering from the end of a longterm relationship, confiding in temporary vices for graceless relief, and embracing her mom, the woman that made her who she is today (literally and creatively). We got a sense of what Melodrama would sound like when Lorde debuted “Green Light,” “Liability,” “Perfect Places,” and “Sober.” We found out that her main office was the F train and that she allegedly used to review onion rings on Instagram. And today, at long last, we get to experience the complete fantasy that we’ve been restlessly waiting for. To that, I say we rejoice and embrace our Lorde & pop savior. Amen.

Melodrama is out now via Virgin/EMI.

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