Lorde, Please Don’t Stop Instagramming Onion Rings

There is compelling evidence to suggest that Lorde has been secretly posting onion ring reviews on Instagram for a while now. As the New Zealand site Newshub points out, Lorde recently followed an account called @onionringsworldwide on Instagram. The account has only 24 followers, many of whom are Lorde associates, and it follows nobody else. When Newshub contacted Lorde’s management to ask about the account, and to ask whether Lorde really is into onion rings like that, they didn’t respond, but the account was taken down shortly afterward. But the internet is forever, and screenshots are out there

Newshub has all the screenshots from the deleted Instagram; check it out here. The site also notes that many of those onion rings, which come from eating establishments around the world, come from places within driving distance from wherever Lorde was at the time, like a “charter plane from Tennessee to New York.”


And there are other pieces of evidence, as well, including its use of Lorde-ish language and, more creepily, the fact that the fingers in the pictures look like they could be Lorde’s fingers.

In any case, it’s weirdly awesome to think that one of our greatest young pop stars could also be a massive onion ring head, the type who travels to seek out the best onion rings available, and who has to share that obsession with the world, even in clandestine form. If that’s really you, Lorde, please never stop Instagramming onion rings. (Also, all of those onion rings look great, and I am suddenly reminded that it’s just about lunchtime.)

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