Lucas Oswald – “Dark On Us”

Lucas Oswald used to play in the Appleseed Cast and currently plays in Shearwater, but under his own name, he writes buoyant indie-pop about depression. Whet, his sophomore solo album, is arriving in September, and today, he’s whetting your appetite with a new song called “Dark On Us.” “‘Dark On Us’ is about panic,” Oswald explains. “I wanted the music to convey the frenetic, unhinged energy of that feeling — but all happening on top of this really repetitive drum beat and progression. It’s like the way the brain sparks a feedback loop when you’re terrified. You get stuck in a thought. Lyrically, the song is an argument between two parts of the mind: one character is fight, the other is flight. They push back and forth and idealize what a harmonious relationship might feel like.” It may be the most pleasant song about panic ever written, and you can hear it below.

Whet is out 9/1 via Cosmic Dreamer.

CREDIT: Emma Tinker-Fortel