Prodigy Choked On An Egg In The Hospital

Upon news of legendary Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy’s death today, many of us assumed it was related to his very public battle with sickle cell anemia. That may still be the case, but he also may have died from choking on an egg. TMZ reports that Prodigy left a fan meet-and-greet Saturday in Vegas when his security team noticed he was struggling. The 110-degree temperature likely exacerbated his sickle cell symptoms, which include dehydration and a weakened immune system. Some time later he checked into a Vegas hospital, where multiple sources report he choked on an egg. Per TMZ’s report, authorities are still trying to determine whether he died due to complications from sickle cell or the choking incident.

Meanwhile, Ice-T, who was with Prodigy at Saturday’s meet-and-greet, has shared their final text exchange on Twitter. Find T’s tweets below.