Wage Against The Machine

If you’re a serious Fiona Apple fan, you’ve already heard Extraordinary Machine — the original Jon Brion-produced one that leaked in February and the one that came out yesterday, re-recorded (save for two tracks) with Dr. Dre producer Mike Elizondo. Pitchfork’s Rob Mitchum (after rewriting his review, apparently) gives the former a 7.8, the latter a 6.2. Matt at Fluxblog disagrees, claiming Elizondo’s work is superior (“10.0, *****, A+, two thumbs waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up”).


Fiona Apple has come clean about Machine being held hostage by Sony and fans’ touching but misguided attempts to “free” her. Shelving it was actually her idea, as was exploring new angles with Elizondo on tracks already completed with Brion. In fact, Brion introduced them. He’s been very diplomatic about the whole thing.

Entertainment Weekly Fall Music Preview
JON BRION: “It’s an artist’s prerogative to change their mind. It’s an artist’s prerogative to be unsure of themselves or of anything else. It’s just not that big a deal. My concern from the get-go was that there be another Fiona Apple record. I don’t need to have more records with my name on them.”

Why grouse about Fiona when you’ve got Kanye on speed dial, I guess.


What do you guys think of Extraorindary Machine? I was never a big Fiona fan, though I found her an intriguing character. Now I’m listening to “Oh Well” … and it’s exquisite. Love the pentatonic intro, whoever produced it.

Fiona Apple – “Oh Well” (MP3)

(Stream two more songs at MySpace.)

Here’s where Fiona will have an onstage meltdown this fall:
11/22 Portland, OR – Roseland
11/23 Seattle, WA – Moore Theater
11/25 San Francisco, CA – Warfield
11/26 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
11/28 San Diego, CA – House of Blues
11/30 Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues
12/02 Denver, CO – Paramount Theatre
12/04 Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre
12/05 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
12/07 Boston, MA – Orpheum
12/08 Philadelphia, PA – Tower Theatre
12/09 Philadelphia, PA – Tower Theatre
12/11 New York, NY – Nokia Theater

(Fanfic album covers via our Extraordinary Machine Photoshop Contest.)

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