Stream Public Enemy’s Surprise-ish New Album Nothing Is Quick In The Desert

Stream Public Enemy’s Surprise-ish New Album Nothing Is Quick In The Desert

Two days ago, the world learned that permanently agitated New York rap legends Public Enemy would release a new album called Nothing Is Quick In The Desert as a free download on July 4. (It was supposed to be a surprise, but the news accidentally got out early.) And now the group has gone ahead and released the album a few days early. The album will be a free download up until midnight on 7/4. David “CDOC” Snyder produced most of the album, and it features appearances from people like Ice-T and EPMD’s Parrish Smith. Below, stream the whole thing and read what Chuck D has to say about it.

Chuck D writes:

After 30 years, 106 tours across 105 countries and countless records, thank you. This one is on Public Enemy. Get it while it’s free.

Nothing Is Quick In The Desert is a saying I use when the average person looks at the record industry. It looks dead like a desert. But there’s plenty of life in the desert when one is educated on what they see and hear. There, a cactus absorbs and stores water deep in its root, taken from the air itself and certain creatures thrive in that dry heat whereas the average cannot. It pays to be above average (or well below it) in the desert for survival. The music industry is similar in that analogy. It’s still in motion, it just needs redefinition.

Download Nothing Is Free In The Desert for free at Bandcamp.

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