Aphex Twin – “Korg Funk 5″

The enigmatic electronic music wizard Aphex Twin doesn’t go on record often, and he damn sure doesn’t interview other people. But today, Warp Records, Aphex’s label, published an interview — really more of a long and expansive conversation — between Richard D. James, the man behind the Aphex name, and Tatsuya Takahashi. Takahashi is a former engineer for the synth company Korg, and he currently serves as an advisor for it. Together, he and James spent a long time dorking out over specific synth sounds. (Typical Aphex quote: “I’m into the extremes of the audio spectrum, ultra clarity ’n’ all but I probably prefer fucked-muffled/lo-bit/’70s sound more, ha!”) And they also worked together on “Korg Funk 5,” a playful and relatively melodic new Aphex Twin track, one recorded using a series of Korg equipment, as well as Aphex’s son on vocals. Here it is:

Aphex Twin also put together a series of five short tracks with custom scales that he made. Here are those:

Read the interview between James and Takahashi here.

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