Weaves – “#53″

Well, that didn’t take long! Toronto Band To Watch alumni Weaves will follow up last year’s self-titled debut with a second album called Wide Open this October. In a press release, singer Jasmyn Burke gave some background on the project:

It felt right to try to represent my own experience in the world while knowing that everyone in my age group is poor or having a tough time with life in one way or another, so I was thinking about how to blow those feelings up into these kinds of songs. Blowing up a regular life into something like an anthem. In a way I was thinking about it like Bruce Springsteen, but in a lot of ways my experience of the world couldn’t be less like Bruce Springsteen’s.

Opening track “#53″ definitely bears some of that anthemic Springsteen quality, melding it with the electric and unpredictable indie rock compulsions that have always made Weaves such a thrill. Hear it below via Pitchfork.


01 “#53″
02 “Slicked”
03 “Law And Panda”
04 “Walkaway”
05 “La La”
06 “Wide Open”
07 “Motherfucker”
08 “Scream” (Feat. Tanya Tagaq)
09 “Gasoline”
10 “Grass”
11 “Puddle”

Wide Open is out 10/6 on Buzz/Kanine/Memphis Industries.

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