Stream Limp Wrist Facades

Nearly 20 years ago, Martin Sorrondeguy, frontman for Chicago DIY hardcore legends Los Crudos, formed Limp Wrist, a confrontational queercore band that also features members of underground punk staples like Devoid Of Faith and Hail Mary. (They practice in Philadelphia, but all four members live in different cities.) Over the years, Limp Wrist have been only intermittently active; their last album was a self-titled 12″ that came out in 2009. But now, Limp Wrist have returned with a frantic, pummeling new album called Facades. It’s raw, urgent old-school hardcore, and the lyrics are defiantly, explicitly sexual. (One chorus: “Come and get my seed!”) There’s also an entirely unexpected development near the end of the album: House music! This record fucking rules, and you can stream the whole thing below.

The self-released Facades is out now; you can get it at Bandcamp.

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