Quicksand – “Illuminant”

UPDATE: Quicksand have announced all the details of Interiors, their new album, recorded with Title Fight/Menzingers producer Will Yip. It’s out this fall. Below, check out the collage-style animated “Illuminant” video and the album’s tracklist.

Quicksand, the legendary New York post-hardcore band led by former Gorilla Biscuit Walter Schreifels, broke up in 1999 and then reunited in 2012. And now they’re getting ready to release their first album since 1995’s Manic Compression. Yesterday, the band teased some music from Interiors, their third album. And today, we get to hear it. As Brooklyn Vegan reports, the band’s new single “Illuminant” is out now at streaming sites, and it sounds a whole lot like classic Quicksand. It’s a heaving, dynamic, melodic piece of work, and it’s got a riff that’ll stick to your ribs. Check it out below.

01 “Illuminant”
02 “Under The Screw”
03 “Warm And Low”
04 “>”
05 “Cosmonauts”
06 “Interiors”
07 “Hyperion”
08 “Fire This Time”
09 “Feels Like A Weight Has Been Lifted”
10 “>>”
11 “Sick Mind”
12 “Normal Love”

Interiors is coming sometime this year on Epitaph.

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