A$AP Ferg Addresses A$AP Bari Sexual Assault Allegations: “We Don’t Condone That Behavior”

A$AP Ferg spoke about the recent sexual assault allegations against A$AP Mob’s A$AP Bari in an interview on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club Wednesday (Aug. 23).

“He still part of A$AP Mob, but we had to kind of sit him down for a second, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “We don’t condone that kind of behavior.”

Ferg was answering questions concerning an explicit video that surfaced that apparently showed Bari trying to force a woman to give him oral sex.

“It’s just a fucked up thing,” he continued. “I don’t condone that shit. I was raised by a bunch of females, my mom and everything like that. I wouldn’t want to see that happen with nobody in my household or anybody I know.”

“He’s not the known face — it’s me, it’s Rocky, it’s Twelvyy. It’s all the rappers,” Ferg said.

“It’s like, ‘Damn, I didn’t have nothing to do with that shit. I’m on tour, making music,” he added. “What happens is you just guilty by association.”

“It’s just a bad reflection on all of us,” he concluded.

Following the video leak, Bari issued the following statement: “A misleading video clip featuring adult content and activity has been released to the public without my knowledge or consent. Comments about myself or anyone being detained or arrested are false. We have resolved this issue amicably among all parties as adults. We were friends before this and will remain friends afterwards. Being raised by strong women who taught me to respect everyone, I’m disappointed in the situation as well as myself and will reflect on the situation appropriately.”

Check out Ferg’s full Breakfast Club interview below.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.