Phantogram – “Funeral Pyre” Video

This morning, festival-mainstay duo Phantogram dropped a new video for “Funeral Pyre,” a track from last year’s Three album, and it’s just as apocalyptic as anything in the awesome “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” video. This one comes from director Gianluca Minucci, and the entire video consists of things seen from the passenger window of a slow-cruising sedan. Some of the scenes are heartwarming, but more of them are unsettling. We see makeouts, assaults, fires, birthday parties, vaguely threatening gestures, dudes spitting, dudes throwing up, a dominatrix whipping a dude down the street, a possible rape. All of it is captured in vivid slow-mo that makes it look alien, and all of it leads up to a conclusion that feels inevitable. Some boobs are flashed, so consider this one mildly NSFW. Check it out below.

Three is out now on Republic.