U2 – “The Blackout” Live Video

One cool thing about “The Blackout,” U2’s first new song since 2014’s Songs Of Innocence, is that you can choose whether or not to put it on your phone. Whether there are other cool things about it is a question we leave up to you, dear reader. Based on yesterday’s preview, it appears to be a return to that modern-rock style they’ve often favored in the years since “Vertigo” became their last genuine hit, which is not a promising sign, but you do you, U2. (UPDATE: Upon hearing the full song, the verses contain flickers of their early post-punk sound and even some traces of Achtung Baby, but the chorus is definitely in that post-“Vertigo” mold.)

By the way, don’t be mistaken: Although this is the first song we’re hearing from U2’s new album Songs Of Experience, it’s not the lead single. That’d be “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” which arrives one week from today along with details on the album. In the meantime, here’s a live performance of “The Blackout” directed by Richie Smyth, set at U2’s secret show in Amsterdam.

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