Weakened Friends – “Hate Mail” (Feat. J Mascis)

Weakened Friends are an indie rock trio out of Portland, Maine whose ’90s-reminiscent sound owes more than a little bit to Dinosaur Jr.’s sludgy, laconic pop-rock. So it’s only appropriate that Dinosaur Jr.’s own J Mascis contributes his signature guitar heroics to their new single, “Hate Mail.” It’s good! On Facebook, the band writes:

Hate Mail is a bye-bye-good-riddance-f-u-very-much breakup song. Not about a soured romance, necessarily, but more so about toxic “friendships” that can contaminate the best parts of a person. This song is for anyone who has ever been gaslighted into questioning their own purpose, passions, sanity, or self-worth.

Listen below.