Viktor Vaughn – “Notebook 05″

Before this year, the masked rap cult hero DOOM had been laying low for a while. But now Adult Swim is supervising the song-a-week release of DOOM’s The Missing Notebook Series. And after teaming up with Kool Keith on last week’s “Notebook 04,” DOOM has now revived his Viktor Vaughn alias, the crime-life alias that he used to release the 2003 album Vaudeville Villain. Vaughn’s big return comes in the form of “Notebook 05,” a song that lasts less than two minutes and still finds plenty of room to flex DOOM’s berserk, broken eloquence. Listen to it below.

Keep up with The Missing Notebook Series here. Also, it looks like DOOM is about to team up with the recent underground rap standout Westside Gunn on the new collaborative project WESTSIDEDOOM.