Liars – “Staring At Zero” Video

Scissor,” arguably the most memorable Liars video ever, involved a boat. Well, technically it was an inflatable raft. The clip featured frontman Angus Andrew marooned at sea and locked in a losing battle with some mysterious underwater creature. It was awesome.

Today the band, which has been pared down to just Andrew for the new album TFCF, has shared another boat-oriented video, this time for the song “Staring At Zero.” This time the boaters are a couple of young men exploring the Australian bush, though Andrew does make an appearance. Or at least I think he does? It’s hard to tell exactly what they encounter except it’s creepy as hell. And if it is Andrew, maybe consider this a sequel to “Scissor.” Clemens Habicht directs; watch below.

TFCF is out now on Mute.