Prurient – “Naturecum”

Two years ago, Dominick Fernow, the New York noise architect who records as Prurient, released the ambitious double album Frozen Niagara Falls. A lot of people liked it. And now he’s announced plans to follow it up with something even bigger: Rainbow Mirror, a new album that’ll last more than three hours, spread out over seven LPs or four CDs. The album will focus on the doomier, dronier side of Prurient’s sound, and its tracks will be long. Case in point: The vaguely hilariously titled “Naturecum,” a 14-minute ambient-noise instrumental. It starts out with a screeching whine, and while that doesn’t last through the whole track, it really is an endurance test. Check it out below.

Rainbow Mirror is out 12/1 on Profound Lore. Fernow is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Prurient project by reissuing Buddha Strangled In Vines, three tracks that he recorded in 1997, as he was starting the project. It’ll only be available at the 11/5 Hospital Productions anniversary show at the Brooklyn venue Warsaw, where Prurient will perform in collaboration with Jesu and Nothing.

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