The Seams – “Lemonade”

The Seams – “Lemonade”

Jangle-pop outfit the Seams are a Toronto powerhouse featuring members of Fake Palms, U.S. Girls, Elsa, and WISH. Today they broke the silence following their 2016 debut, Meet The Seams, with a sweet new standalone single called “Lemonade.”

Straying from the melancholic tone and reverb-laden production on their last record, “Lemonade” offers a sunny guitar-driven melody and self-effacing lyrics; think Real Estate with less whimsy. The song starts without introduction, as if you’re tuning in halfway through, “At 20-something with a wasted mind, I don’t want to get an earful from you.” The brash Cramps-esque font and stressed little dude on the album cover speak to bitter-tinged words hidden under the bright guitars and cute song title. Listen below.

The Seams’ Jonathan Rogers shared some context:

I reached a point last winter where I really felt like the world was ending. I had just gotten off a tour that had become very contentious between my band mates and I. Everything was starting to unravel in the US and the rest of the world and it seemed like every day there was another attack or potential war or natural disaster. The day we got home I slipped a bunch of discs in my back and was hospitalized for weeks and unable to walk for over a month. The song is about a FaceTime conversation I had in the hospital with my friend where I was trying to stay positive about all of this heaviness and all I got was a lecture. I wrote the song laying on my back in my mom’s basement, where I was recovering. The message is that despite all of these terrible things, I’m still here for now and I can still try to make the best of it and enjoy myself and eventually, things it will get better.

“Lemonade” is out 10/27 via Hand Drawn Dracula. Pre-order it here.

The Seams
CREDIT: Alex Earl Grey

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