Gunn-Truscinski Duo – “Seagull For Chuck Berry”

In recent years, Steve Gunn has found a new kind of prominence in the indie sphere as one of the people in a loose circle of contemporary guitar troubadours. He’s adept at ragged, rambling folk-rock that can further unspool into improvisational jams or washes of noise. The latter element comes from Gunn’s history with instrumental and experimental music, a strain of his playing that he still delves fully into with other projects, like the Gunn-Truscinski Duo, his collaboration with drummer John Truscinski.

Next month, the two of them will release a new album, Bay Head. We’ve already heard one track from it — the gentle burst of “Flood And Fire” — and today they’ve shared another called “Seagull For Chuck Berry.” In a statement to SPIN, Gunn remarked that he and Truscinski counted Berry as an influence and happened to record the song on the day he died. Lest you expect something in the same musical vein as the titular rock ‘n’ roll titan, however, “Seagull For Chuck Berry” is definitely within the existing Gunn-Truscinski wheelhouse: It’s a languidly tumbling road song, with Gunn riding one guitar lick for much of the track before expanding off from it in various directions. Check it out below.

Bay Head is out 11/3 via Three Lobed Recordings. Pre-order it here.